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DESCA Confidentiality Agreement

20th February 2015


Can anyone let me have a look at a confidentiality agreement they might have issued (to advisory board members) as coordinator of a large consortium. Not much guidance on DESCA site.  My issue is not so much with content but with signing process. Is the following language really sufficient to sign up an agreement on behalf of all consortium members?:

“The Coordinator is authorised to execute with each member of the EEAB a non-disclosure agreement, which terms shall be not less stringent than those stipulated in this Consortium Agreement…”

Thanks in advance

Michael McGuigan

University of Glasgow

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Numerology and angel numbers meaning

21st November 2014

Numerology and angel numbers is an antiquated, numbers-based framework that has been utilized in old Egypt and notwithstanding for a great many years in developments from Europe.

Each individual has a lot of numerology numbers that can influence anything from an individual life way to profession decisions, sentimental connections and the sky is the limit from there. In the event that you realize the numerology numbers and how their energies influence your life, you can utilize them to explore life choices and carry on with your life to its fullest potential.

Much the same as with crystal gazing, the date of your introduction to the world is critical for figuring out who you will be and the way you’ll take throughout everyday life.

With numerology, you’ll need to utilize the accompanying arrangement. The birth date or angel number 911 can be utilized to compute your life way number.

Your karmic number will enlighten you regarding every one of your expectations, fears, and dreams. When you know the implications and energies appended to this number, angel number 1919 you gain a more profound comprehension of what your expectations and fears are as well as the components that impact these.

For instance, on the off chance that you are somebody who is continually planning to be prevalent and your biggest dread is being disdained, this might be on the grounds that your karmic number is a numerology number 2, which makes you social, outgoing, and alluring.

To compute your karmic number: Use the numerology graph for letters and include the qualities for every consonant in your name. Continue including until you get a solitary digit, 11, or 22.

Among another interesting angel numbers are for example, angel number 344. 344 angel number is a very powerful sign meaning that you are about to be extremely successful, happy, healthy, and will have better love life, if any. Also, angel number 515 is extremely beneficial for your life, if you are interested in angelic numerology, astrology, or other mysterious studies. Because these are angel numbers, they are meant to bear some significance from your guardian angels.

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