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10th February 2017

Can you please explain what license allows others to use and modify the model contract? Thank you

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Error in Clause 8.4 of DESCA?

20th July 2015

Article 25.1 of the Grant Agreement states that ‘waivers of access rights are not valid unless in writing’.
Clause 8.4 of the DESCA Format of Consortium Agreement provides that “Any Party’s failure to respond (whether in the negative or the positive) to the request [for waiver of Access Rights to Results] within 45 calendar days, shall be deemed to constitute written approval of the waiver by the non-responding Party”.
Please let me know if Clause 8.4 of the DESCA Format is in conformity with the above metioned requirement under Article 25.1 of the Grant Agreement.
Thank you and best regards,

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