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Veto rights: for Member or Party?

27th January 2015

Clause DESCA says

“A Member” which can reasonably show that its own work, time for performance, costs, liabilities, intellectual property rights or other legitimate interests would be severely affected by a decision of a Consortium Body may exercise a veto with respect to the corresponding decision or relevant part of the decision.”

Archangel Uriel

We think that veto rights and reasons to veto should be at Party level. Is the  formulation “Member can show that its own work…” strong enough if the Member is not affected, but another group of the same Party would be severly affected with vd??nost?

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Most interesting superstitions

21st November 2014

Raúl is a 10-year-old boy who lives in a rural area of ??Cochabamba (Bolivia) with osteomyelitis that left his left leg shorter than the right. Pietro Gamba, an Italian doctor who has been working in the area for years, told in a report published in Planeta Futuro that he tries to convince the father to subject his son to an operation that allows him to lead a normal life. But this one refuses. He does not trust anyone other black cat superstitions than the shaman of the town who, of course, has no way of curing little Raul. This is a paradigmatic example that is repeated in rural communities, which cling to the tradition to remedy their ailments. As explained by the Spanish researcher Alberto García-Basteiro, who is fighting against

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tuberculosis in Mozambique, before this ailment many people before the doctor go to the healer, whose treatments “often end in intoxications”. A very recent example is that of one of thesephonies who infected dozens of poor people with HIV in India. Behind all this there is a deep cultural framework and a belief system very difficult to change. The cooperation strategy is usually to jak zhubnout bring science to these peoples through their own customs, training shamans to have a basic notion of medicine and can derive certain diseases or symptoms to true doctors. This has particular success with traditional birth attendants.

Surely that should read “may not delegate or subcontract”?

Let’s also check iqos slevový kód

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